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NusaLuna was born from our love for natural materials and handmade items. Based in Singapore,we are dedicated to highlight sustainable and ethical products from Asia.
We are blown away by skilled artisans who have learnt a unique woven technique from generation creating basketry for daily life use.

Nusaluna is committed to improving access to education for children living in remote villages of North and East Bali. We are working with the Anak association (« child » in English) to bring better living conditions and well being to children.

We are aiming to make you feel more than just one of our fellow customer but someone active in making children’s life better !

Handmade !

All our bags are handmade by craftsmen in East Bali from Ata grass (a kind of rattan) and then dryied over the sun. To get this beautiful rich brown color and patina they are processed into a traditional oven over coconut husk for few hours .The smocked scent from the bag is therefore absolutely normal and natural, it will leave after few days wearing it !
Each bag is unique due to its handmade nature. Therefore, bag size, strap size, pattern and appearance may slightly differ from one bag to another. Small imperfections are therefore a natural occurrence.