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Rok Bag
Rok Bag
Rok Bag
Rok Bag
Rok Bag
Rok Bag

Rok Bag

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Quick Overview

* Handwoven ata bag
* No lining
* Leather strap
* Leather Clip
* 5’ x 4’ x 4’
* Strap 22"

Photo credit : @brendawasylucha with our bag


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Our bags are handmade by craftsmen in East Bali from ata grass (kind of rattan but thiner) and then dryied over the sun. To get this beautiful rich brown color and patina they are processed into a traditional oven over coconut husk for few hours.

The smocked scent from the bag is therefore absolutely normal and natural, it will leave after few days wearing it.

Each bag is unique due to its handmade nature. Therefore, bag size, strap size, pattern and appearance may slightly differ from one bag to another. As the bags are not manufactured, some imperfection are therefore natural.

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